FrontierVille: Find Granny's Field Mice for three Tea Tables


As part of the Mother's Day celebration in FrontierVille, Zynga has launched a new activity in the game called "Find Field Mice for Granny's Kitty." You see, Granny would love to have a cat for Mother's Day, and you'll need to lure one onto the Homestead by finding Field Mice that can be...well... used to tame the cat (if you get my meaning). This activity is technically a sub-quest, released as part of Granny's Mother's Day goals, but it is its own feature, with its own rewards.

Similar to the Oregon Trail Medical Journal or Rango activities we've seen released in the past, you'll be able to find these field mice simply by completing normal tasks around your Homestead, like clearing debris or tending to fruit trees. You'll be able to collect nine Field Mice in all, with the Mice being split into three groups of three. Once you collect just three mice, you'll earn the Candlelit Tea Table. at 6 Mice you'll earn the Tea Set Tea Table, and when you've finished collecting all nine you'll earn the Floral Tea Table.