Earn free FarmVille Farm Cash in promotions with Pepsi, Zumba et al.

FarmVille Zumba promo
Zynga doesn't care if you're too busy crafting Pink Carnation Tea, because there is free Farm Cash to be had. Three more FarmVille Sponsored Links were discovered recently by FarmVille Feed thanks to Pepsi, Zumba and American Express. While not all of them will be available to you at the same time, consider this a primer on all the free Farm Cash that's bound to head your way soon enough.

First, remember that all Sponsored Links are endorsed by Zynga, and they're found underneath the FarmVille game screen. Clicking on each link will open a pop-up window with usually a short survey to complete before you're rewarded the Farm Cash. In most cases, the Farm Cash posts to players' Farm Cash totals within the hour of completing the small task, so sit tight.

Zumba!: 3 Free Farm Cash

This promotion, to generate buzz for the new Zumba game set to release on all major consoles, features a video advertisement and a short series of questions. All in all, this is your standard shot at some free Farm Cash.

FarmVille Pepsi promo
Pepsi Refresh: 2 Free Farm Cash

Pepsi took a slightly different direction in its promotion. While a similar video advertisement will play for you, the company asks an open-ended question: "How would you refresh your world?" Then, you're provided with an open form to type a genuine answer into, and you must share the answer with your friends in order to earn the Cash.

FarmVille American Express promo
American Express: 2 Free Farm Cash

The ubiquitous credit card company also takes the road most traveled with is promotion. After answering some simple questions next to a static advertisement for the company's reward program, you will have completed this task and will soon be 2 Farm Cash richer.

[Image Credits: FarmVille Feed]

Have you seen or completed any of these new Sponsored Links? Are you a fan of Zynga's approach to providing players with free currency? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.
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