FarmVille English Countryside: Pink Carnation Crafting recipes are a brewin'

Pink Carnation Tea
We know, even the legendary Lionhead Ale is getting stale. Thankfully, Zynga has introduced four new crafting recipes to FarmVille and its English Countryside expansion that all revolve around a single crop: Carnations. The four new recipes are limited edition and only available for another 36 days, so get to planting those pink flowers (and the other ingredients, of course) on the double. In the meantime, we'll tell you all about these new crafting recipes behind the break.

Pink Carnation Tea (Pub):

  • 2 Field Beans Bushels
  • 3 Black Tea Bushels
  • Completed in 6 hours

Pink Carnation Perfume
Pink Carnation Perfume (Spa):

  • 2 Morning Glory Bushels
  • 2 Sunflower Bushels

Pink Carnation Vinegar
Pink Carnation Vinegar (Winery):

  • 2 White Grape Bushels
  • 4 Rice Bushels

Candied Pink Carnations
Candied Pink Carnations (Bakery):

  • 2 Sugar Cane Bushels

Once each of these recipes is leveled up enough to reach Level 19, each one will receive its own Mastery sign. The question is, however, can you master all four recipes in the next 36 days? There's only one way to find out.

[Source and Image Credit: FarmVille Freak]

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