Zynga improves FarmVille Gift Box once again with new categories

FarmVille Gift Box
FarmVille Gift Box

Amidst the FarmVilleSheep Debacle of 2011, Zynga presses on, tweaking parts of the game that deserve much-needed streamlining and ease of use. The developer pushed an update out to improve the Gift Box once again recently. This time around, Zynga added "Trees" and "Other" options to the list of categories to sort your gifts by. While the first new option is obvious, the "Other" category seems to include mostly building materials like Vehicle Parts. FarmVille Freak noticed another, more subtle change to the Gift Box: Since the update, you can close the Gift Box, reopen it, and it will appear exactly as you left it. For instance, if you closed the Box while on Page 2 of three, it will still be on that page when you open it again. Sometimes, it's the little things that can make you most happy.

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