FrontierVille: Zynga offering special rewards for hard work


The next time you clear debris, or are simply working around the Homestead in FrontierVille, be on the lookout for a Zynga dog icon to appear as one of your "bonus items." The red Zynga silhouette can be clicked on to trigger a pop-up like the one above. Zynga is apparently proud of all of our hard work (or perhaps that we've simply decided to stick with the game when many things would tell us to quit), and wants to reward us accordingly.

Just click on the "ok" button and you'll receive a variety of goodies, whether they be crop or animal boosts, tools and other building materials, or even collectible crates (that is, crates full of collectibles for your in-game collections, like those that you receive when you expand your land).

Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason as to which players receive these pop-ups and which do not, nor are we exactly sure of all of the different methods you could employ to trigger it in your game. Again, we've received one while clearing debris, so if all else fails, that's your best bet.

Have you received this special rewards pop-up in FrontierVille? Let us know in the comments.