FrontierVille: Zynga enables quick posting of item requests to save you time


In an effort to save users some time when beg... err, asking for the many items we need in FrontierVille on a daily basis, Zynga has started to roll out an optional system of Quick Posting to certain pop-ups.This Quick Post method isn't anything sinister - unlike how it sounds, this won't see you posting tons of unknown items to your news feed, that you didn't approve or even know existed. This will simply save you the step of waiting for the Facebook news post window to appear before being able to confirm that yes, you do want to post a request asking for more Salt Licks, as in the image above.

To be especially clear, you'll still play the game as normal, clicking on the "Ask friends" or "Publish" buttons (among others) that would normally pop-up a Facebook confirmation window, but this last step will be skipped. You have to manually choose what to post, as usual, as FrontierVille won't simply post anything without you telling it to (at least where this new feature is concerned). Again, this is a voluntary step, and you can continue in your old ways if you'd prefer. If you'd like to save a few clicks though, the option should be rolling out to all players soon.

[Image Credit: WebGameTips]

Will you enable quick posting of your item requests, or do you like adding personal messages before your news feed items are posted? Let us know in the comments.