FarmVille: English Countryside Pigpen updated to match other English buildings


If you've been holding off on building a Pigpen in your English Countryside in FarmVille, because it looked like the Pigpen on your Home Farm (and didn't match the rest of the expansion's animal buildings), you can rest easy now as the building has been updated to match. What a relief!

The Pigpen's cost has remained the same - 5,000 coins for the frame. You'll also still need to build the frame to completion by using bricks, nails, and wooden boards. The only difference now comes in the building's appearance, but, for those detail-centric players like myself - that's all the change the building needed. For a detailed guide on how to build a Pigpen (say, if this were your first, or you'd just like a reminder), check out our complete guide.

Did you wait to build a Pigpen because it was light brown and white rather than dark brown like other English Countryside buildings? Let us know in the comments.

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