FarmVille: Brown Spot Rabbit available for coins in possible glitch

English Spot and Brown Spot Rabbits
English Spot and Brown Spot Rabbits

Take advantage of this while you still can, because as of this writing both the Brown Spot Rabbit is available for 1,200 coins in the FarmVille Market. FarmVille Feed guesses that this is a glitch, but either way a rare animal that was once a Goal reward is now for sale on the cheap. The Brown Spot Rabbit is the reward for the recent English Countryside Co-Op Job: The Great Rabbit Caper. Glitch or not, I wouldn't take any chances and pick this bunny up--you'll be sorry if or when Zynga takes the English critter down.

Have you seen these two rare animals in your Market? Do you think this is a glitch, and will you be taking advantage of it? Share with us in the comments. Add Comment.