Farkle Pro on Facebook: New Yahtzee-style game needs to lose the hard sell

farkle pro on facebook review

If you thought dice games were just for limo drivers waiting for their well-heeled clients to finish up for the evening -- the new Facebook game from Playtika -- Farkle Pro -- might change your mind.

This Yahtzee-style game works like this: Place your bets (using your collection of virtual chips) then roll six dice. Then, set aside 'scoring' dice after each throw. Scoring dice can include a one, a five, three (or more) of a kind, three pairs and a full house (numbers 1-6).

You must set aside at least one scoring die per throw, and once your total score points 300, you can decide to 'Collect' the dice that you have set aside and start a new round, or you can test your luck and continue to roll your remaining dice to try for a higher score. But, be careful, if a roll doesn't produce any scoring dice, then it's 'Farkle' for you. As in, you get zero points for the round.

And, when that happens, you'll might just find yourself yelling 'Oh Farkle!' at the computer screen (that's what I did, anyway). At least it's more family friendly than the other 'F' word.

Farkle Pro on Facebook
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Farkle Pro on Facebook: New Yahtzee-style game needs to lose the hard sell

The Facebook game has a single-player version, which is well executed and can be played endlessly -- though I'd like to see the game include some more inventive ways to interact with your Farkle friends, other than gifting each other free betting chips.

The highlight of Farkle Pro is the multiplayer version of the game, which seamlessly throws you into a match with other real-life Farkle Pro players. It's fast, easy and fun. But here's the rub -- you can only play the multiplayer game for free once every three hours.

If you want to an all-access pass to the multiplayer component, the game asks you to pony up 50 Facebook Credits to do so. Granted, that's only $5 -- but I can only imagine that this Facebook Credits hard sell will be a turn off to many players who run across this game, no matter how reasonable the price. If you could play, say, three-to-five multiplayer games, and then have the option to wait to play again or pay to keep playing, it might not feel like such a blatant money grab.

In all fairness, Farkle Pro just launched -- and Facebook games tend to change on the fly. Hopefully they're hard at work tweaking how the mutliplayer portion of the game works, and in the meantime, you can go solo and turn yourself into a Farkling master.

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