Cafe World: The Goal Manager has arrived at last


Honestly chefs, this is a post I never thought I would be writing. After complaining - err, uh... heavily suggesting that Zynga add a Goal Manager to Cafe World, so that users could see more than four active goal sets at once, our calls for help have finally been answered! Over the next 24 hours, Zynga will be rolling out the Goal Manager to all users in the game.

This Goal Manager doesn't take up much space, and is actually a fully integrated menu, rather than a pop-up, that rests along the right side of the screen. This Goal Manager has a set of up and down arrows, that will allow you to scroll through all available goals, presenting you with three at a time, until you have found the goal you'd like to complete. No more slogging through the same four goal sets while you know you could easily finish others if you could only get to them - no more frustration when that goal that you've almost finished is suddenly covered up by a new release.

This is, without doubt, the best thing to happen to Cafe World in a very, very long time - I might even go so far to say as it might be the single best thing, but that could be pushing it just a bit. Either way, this will change the way we play the game forever, and definitely in a good way. Now, won't you join me in the celebration?

[Image Credit: Forums user okekeca]

Have you received the Goal Manager in Cafe World yet? What do you think of its streamlined appearance? Let us know in the comments.

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