Osama bin Laden game: Searing satire or totally tasteless? [Poll]

osama bin laden game totally tasteless?
osama bin laden game totally tasteless?

On Sunday, the world was disrupted by the news that terrorist leader Osama bin Laden is dead. A few hours after the fact, a free Flash game -- called Mujahedin -- appeared on the popular online game site Newgrounds.

The game opens with a pixelated bin Laden welcoming you -- a new recruit -- to the first online Taliban training program (see image above). Your mission: To simply walk into a military base and blow it up. Once the task is done -- it's game over, and you will earn your training camp diploma. You also have the option during the game to stop and to hit 'Enter' to praise Allah (which will get you shot immediately).


The whole experience lasts all of 10 seconds and isn't really much of a game, which leads me to believe creator GroggyLobster, when s/he says Muhahedin is "supposed to be satire."

What do you think? Is this game a clever form of interactive satire or is it just in bad taste? Take our lunchtime poll below.

[Via Kotaku]

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