Nintendo president Satoru Iwata: Social gamers like the DS too

FarmVille 3DS
According to Nintendo president Satoru Iwata, there is nothing to fear of social gamers. In fact, FarmVille players and their ilk actually are more likely to use a Nintendo DS than those who don't, the head of Nintendo said in a Tokyo press briefing last week. Wired reports that Iwata responded to several hard-hitting questions like the emergence of tablet computers, the Wii's weakness and, most importantly for us, Facebook games.
I can not say that no one said, 'I recently stopped playing Nintendo DS because I am now playing games on my smartphone,' but statistically, there was no significant difference. On the other hand, we found out that people who play paid social games have a higher Nintendo DS use rate. This was a significant difference. Isn't this the opposite of your impression? Therefore, I think that the people who play paid social games are people who like games. And as a result, they have a higher overall use rate.
This was Iwata's response to a question concerning his opinion of how social games have affected Nintendo. According to him, the effect is not what most would expect, in fact social gamers are more likely to play a DS than those who don't play social games. While he doesn't provide any hard data, this lines up with his previous statement to worried investors, citing an infographic and all. Regardless of whether this is truly the case, Nintendo would be smart to meet the growing social/casual gamer audience at least halfway in the future.

[Image Credit: Nintendo Fuse]

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