FrontierVille Horse Badges reward you for assigning Skill Points with the Updated Corral


If you don't care about the big hoopla concerning the Upgraded Horse Corral in FrontierVille, know that you now have extra incentive to care - or at least incentive to use the feature long enough to unlock the rewards. Once you've upgraded your Horse Corral, you can assign skill points to your Horse(s) in one of four major areas: Speed, Endurance, Spirit and Agility. Coincidentally enough, these four new FrontierVille Badges correspond with those four traits, and reward you for pouring skill points into each one.

To be specific, these four Badges start with a fairly simply requirement - simply assign 20 skill points each into Speed, Endurance, Spirit, and Agility. After you pass level one, you'll have to assign more and more skill points to each trait, which is where your own personal preference might come into play (as you'll likely choose one trait to be more important than the other three).

Either way, these Badges don't seem to have a time limit associated with them, so you've got plenty of time to assign points to any of these four Badges - it's all up to you.

Let us know which of these Badges you'll be going for first in the comments. Which is your favorite trait?