FarmVille Mystery Game (05/01/11): Best of animals and decorations come back for another round


If you've ever missed an item in a past Mystery Game in FarmVille then listen up! This week sees Zynga re-releasing six items in this week's game, and they just could be the items you missed out on times before! To be specific, this week's theme is "best of," with a set of animals and decorations being made available to "win" for 16 Farm Cash per dart.

The six items are:

Blue Jay (decoration)
Butterflies (decoration)
Butterfly Fountain
Teacup Pig

Remember, the Butterflies and Blue Jay may seem like any other animal in the game, and they may even represent actual animals, but they are actually only for decoration, meaning that you won't be able to harvest them for coins every few days. Still, they're both very pretty items, so I personally wouldn't complain if that's what I ended up with. Really though? I'm shooting for the Butterfly Fountain.

What about you guys? What item are you hoping to score with this week's Mystery Game, or were you lucky enough to receive these items the first time around? Let us know in the comments.