FarmVille English Countryside Trees: Hawthorn Tree & Midland Hawthorn


Well, we predicted it. Just days ago, we brought you the news that Midland Hawthorn Mystery Seedlings were appearing in FarmVille, and like clockwork, they have appeared in the store available to purchase by those farmers that would rather be guaranteed to have one of these trees, rather than wait for a Mystery Seedling that might never come.

As is stands, the Midland Hawthorn tree is, as expected, the more expensive of the two, but unlike the last few tree releases, we've gone back to the normal price point of 5 and 10 Farm Cash per tree, with the regular Hawthorn Tree costing 5 Farm Cash. I'm personally glad to see the 7 and 12 Farm Cash prices go by the wayside, and I'm sure a lot of other farmers are happy about the returned "savings" as well.

With both of these trees bringing us back to the limited edition English Countryside item theme, could this mean we won't be seeing more in the specific Spring-related item theme? We'll make sure to let you know either way, so keep checking back.

Will you purchase either of these trees, or did you receive a Midland Hawthorn from a Mystery Seedling? What do you think about the return to the 5 and 10 Farm Cash prices? Let us know in the comments.