FarmVille English Countryside Decorations: Misty Lake, Black Knight, Lion Statue and more

With tonight's FarmVille update, we've been given a six-item strong release, with two of these items costing Farm Cash and two altogether helping you complete any castle building project that you might have undertaken. These items are all part of the "normal" English Countryside item theme (that was interrupted by celebrations for the Royal Wedding). As for the two premium items, they are the Misty Lake and the Black Knight Gnome. Unfortunately, the prices for both of these decorations are rather high.

The Misty Lake, while impressive, huge and heavily animated costs 18 Farm Cash, while the Black Knight Gnome goes for the now standard gnome price of 15 Farm Cash. Make no mistake, collecting FarmVille's gnomes is one of the most expensive collections you can begin, so make sure to keep that in mind if this little fella inspires you to start gathering more.

There are four other decorations that are now available, so meet us behind the break for the rest of the details.