FarmVille Sneak Peek: Carnation crop and Carnation Crafting Recipes


Apparently, a Carnation Crop will be added to FarmVille in the near future (perhaps as early as this Wednesday), as we've come across images for four different Carnation-themed Crafting recipes. With Mother's Day coming fast, and flowers being one of the typical Mother's Day gifts, it only makes sense we would see a new crop released, with these new (and likely limited time) recipes helping give users some definite incentive to plant them on both farms while they will be available. Why? To get the mastery signs, of course!

The four recipes look to be the Carnation Vinegar, the Candied Carnation, Carnation Perfume, and Carnation Tea. Likely, we'll see the Perfume being available in the Spa, the Vinegar in the Winery, the Candied Carnation in the Bakery and the Tea in the Pub in the English Countryside, but of course, Zynga could be tricky and switch a few of those around before their actual release.

Either way, it's best to complete any crafting missions or crop mastery now while you can, before these Carnations take over the game. Sure, you could ignore them when/if they do launch, but then you'd miss out on what's sure to be a lovely (and exclusive) mastery sign. The choice will be up to you. Me? I'm mastering it, that's for sure. I just hope I have enough fuel to get me through!

What do you think of these Carnation Crafting Recipes? Do you wish you had the other crafting buildings so you could create all of these items? Let us know in the comments.