CityVille: SugarVille contest winners show off their sweet tooth


Back in the middle of April, Zynga launched a candy-themed contest in CityVille called the "SugarVille" contest. This contest asked users to create real world buildings entirely out of either packaged or loose candy. The prizes were large - up to 500 City Cash for the first of five winners, but the pride of creating a real structure in the real world is probably just as sweet of a reward (ok, maybe not as great - I sure know MY city could use that type of cash). Now that the contest is over, Zynga has officially announced the winners, and how sweet their entries were!

With all said and done, the five winners definitely deserved their prizes, as you can see from the first place finisher - forums user Queen Betsy who walked away with the 500 Cafe Cash prize. To take a look at the other winners' entries, meet us behind the break.