FarmVille: Royal Steed producing Knight Steed Foals [Updated]


UPDATE: The Royal Steed has been fixed, and the Royal Steed Foals are now appearing as normal.

A new "glitch" (I use the word lightly) has appeared in FarmVIlle this week, also dealing with the Royal Wedding Party event (as if disappearing guests wasn't a big enough issue to deal with). This issue deals with the top prize, received for inviting the full amount of 32 guests to your party - the Royal Steed. Interestingly, users that have already earned the Steed are reporting that instead of producing Royal Steed Foals when bred in the Horse Stable, they're receiving Knight Steed Foals.

While the adult Knight Steed has been re-released as part of the Enchanted Love item set in-game, the Royal Steed should definitely be producing Royal Steed Foals. Zynga's response? According to Community Manager Stumpgrinder - "There are no Royal Steed Foals."

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