FarmVille Bug Report: Color changing sheep suffer problems; high pattern inheritance was a "bug"

So, remember when Zynga released some color-changing sheep (The Chameleon Ewe and Rainbow Ram) to the FarmVille market to appease users that wanted to legally breed color-changing sheep in all of their multi-color glory? It turns out, Zynga might have jumped the gun on their release, along with other items, as the FarmVille forums have exploded over the last 24 hours with users demanding refunds, screaming of scams and false-advertisement. Why? These color-changing sheep currently don't breed properly, resulting either in solid color sheep with no patterns, or completely white sheep time after time, with no color-changing being carried into the offspring.

While some users have used the Rainbow Ram (an orange Ram with blue polka dots) to successfully breed offspring that too have dots, as you can see from AL13N's image at the top of this post, the majority of users' attempts are resulting in drab, even white sheep with no color-changing to be found, even if the Ram's pattern is carried down to the Lamb.The most concerning part of this entire issue? There has been very little official acknowledgment from Zynga on the matter, at least on the official FarmVille forums, and what we have seen has been disheartening at best. Lexilicious has posted that "Pattern and color inheritance are not (and have never been 100% guaranteed," and that if we were receiving very high success rates for pattern inheritance before the release of these sheep, then "it was a bug."

While yes, we've been told from the beginning that there has never been a guarantee that your offspring will contain the Ram's pattern or even the Ewe's color, when dozens (perhaps hundreds) of players are reporting that these new sheep do not produce color-changing sheep as believed, or even worse, produce nothing but white sheep, this becomes more than an issue of "random" genetics. What's more - stating that the game's initial high inheritance rate of patterns when breeding is a "bug" is downright shocking. It's almost as if Zynga has purposefully lessened the amount of successful breeding attempts users can complete in order to sell more Ewes and Rams through the store the "old fashioned way" (remember, all of these Rams and Ewes cost Farm Cash, so I suppose that theory holds a lot of merit).

Unless users were active members on the game's official forums, they would have never known an issue with the sheep was present, as there has been no in-game notification to that effect. Now, users have poured 20 Farm Cash here, and 30 Farm Cash there into Ewes and Rams that are supposed to do one thing, but are doing another (or nothing at all). In addition, all formerly illegal sheep are facing the same problems, as flashing Rams and Ewes of any color simply aren't carrying on the trait when bred, no matter how many Love Potions were used in the process.

Will Zynga fix the problem? As of right now, this new bug with white or non-color-changing Sheep hasn't been flagged as a "known issue," so it isn't looking likely. On the other hand, we did see a quick turnaround from Zynga's banning of the illegal sheep-breeding, but with these new sheep being "broken," it really defeats the purpose of their release. Perhaps with enough public outcry from this new problem, we'll see Zynga actually change the coding to where the color-changing is passed on as it was apparently originally intended. In the meantime, users are reporting successfully receiving refunds when contacting Zynga customer service about the issue, so I'd suggest doing the same as well, if you're dissatisfied with your purchase(s).

[Image Credit: Forums User AL13N]

Have you suffered from any issues with breeding your color-changing sheep? What do you think of Lexilicious's comment that high inheritance was a "bug?" Let us know in the comments.
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