Arkadium Stadium allows you to play games right on your Facebook Wall or News Feed


Arkadium, developers of popular Facebook game Mahjongg Dimensions, have created a new "app" of sorts for Facebook called the Arkadium Stadium. The app can be thought of as a portal, allowing users to play 11 different flash games, right from their Facebook walls, or on friends' walls. That is, you won't have to go to the app's page and wait for the flash window to load there; you can simply allow the games to load right on your profile without the extra clicking.

To add a game to your wall, you will need to install the Arkadium Stadium app, and from there, it's a simple process of choosing the game you'd like to play, and then deciding whether to "post" that game to your own wall, or to your friend's wall. From there, you'll be able to navigate to that friend's page (or your own profile) as normal to see the game available to play. Sure enough, clicking on the "Play" button brings up a flash window for you to immediate jump in and play. You can even play these apps directly from your news feed, if that story shows up in your timeline, along with making them full screen if the small post isn't to your liking.

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