Zynga survey hints at FrontierVille Saloon; drink and gamble on the homestead

FarmVille Saloon
FarmVille Saloon

If you thought a Bank complete with a FrontierVille stock market was goofy enough, how does a Saloon sound in the game? According to another of Zynga's sneaky surveys, the team is working on a public gathering place for pioneers with the Saloon. More importantly, it needs your help to figure what exactly the Saloon should include, hence the survey posted in the FarmVille forums.

There are 10 choices for possible features to be included with this future building. We could list all of them, but you'll see them when you take the survey. Instead, here are some of our favorites. Brew Crafting: Who doesn't look at FrontierVille and see the possibilities for Moonshine recipes? Blackjack and Slot Machines: What goes better with drinking than gambling?

And finally, a social spot to hang with friends in real time: Because the ultimate catalyst for drinking illegal alcohol and gambling is more people. It's unknown when this feature will be released, but it looks like Zynga is ready to go huge with these two features.

What would you like to see in a FrontierVille Saloon? Do you think Zynga can meet all of these expectations? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.