McDonald's Super Sizes Jobs: Hires 62,000

McDonald's More than 62,000 new employees will be passing through the Golden Arches in upcoming weeks, thanks to McDonald's National Hiring Day, which took place on April 19. The company originally announced that it planned to bring on 50,000 new employees, and they exceeded expectations by about 24 percent.

That means each of the company's 14,000 locations will have an average of four or five new workers for the busy summer months. Although the company has not revealed how many of those positions were full-time and how many were part-time, it was reported that about 1,000 of those positions were in management.

While 62,000 may seem like a lot of new jobs, it's just a fraction of the close to one million who applied. That means 938,000 disappointed workers were turned away. It seems that McDonald's has definitely overcome the undesirable "McJob" image -- the positions were in extremely high demand, and most locations were packed with applicants on April 19.

But those who didn't make the cut still have hope. "We were really pleased with not just the number of applicants, but also the quality of applicants," Danitra Barnett, vice president of human resources for McDonald's USA, told Dow Jones. "It left us with a great pool of candidates we can continue to draw from going forward if we need to hire more."

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