Laid-off Teacher Found Naked Wandering School Hallway (Video)

laid-off teacher Harlan Porter It's not the first thing most people would think of doing after receiving word that their contract would not be renewed, but an elementary school teacher in Georgia stripped down naked and started wandering the halls of his school, telling a police officer who responded to the call that he had reached a "new level of enlightenment" and "wanted everybody to be free now that his third eye was open," according to UPI.

"I then explained the obvious problem with his third eye being opened in public," the officer wrote in his report. "He readily agreed that his decision to remove his clothing posed a problem and stated that he understood why I would likely have to place him under arrest." He willingly put his put his clothes back on and went with the officer peacefully.

Thank heavens Harlan Porter, 31, began his jaybird jaunt through the halls of B.C. Haynie Elementary School on Friday at 3:20PM, after all the students had gone home. Colleagues at the school in Morrow, Ga., said they'd noted he was acting strangely earlier, when they saw the notorious vegetarian scarfing tacos from Taco Bell.

Porter was charged with misdemeanor counts of public indecency and indecent exposure. Captain James Calloway of the Morrow Police Department said that if he had been seen by students, he would have been charged with child molestation. Porter was released on $2,000 bail. He had no prior convictions, although the police report noted he had been "diagnosed as schizophrenic."

Perhaps there is evidence of this in a performance Porter wrote, directed, starred in and posted on YouTube, called the 'Evolution of U.'

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