FrontierVille Tack Room Collection helps you boost your horse's XP

Along with today's release of the upgraded Horse Corral and Horse Corral Upgrade goals in FrontierVille, you can also complete a new collection in the game in the form of the Tack Room Collection. This collection is fairly easy to complete, as you'll earn the five new items through collecting the bonus from your upgraded Corral.

Here are the five items to watch out for:

Breast Collar
String Roper Cinch
Silver Stirrups
Braided Reins
Silver Headstall

As you can see, all of the items are themed appropriately, and if you can find all five of them, you'll receive a free Apple and 25 XP for turning the collection in (along with bragging rights, if you're into finishing every collection before your friends). The Apple is a "Horse Boost" that doubles the amount of XP your active Horse will earn for a limited time. This Apple Treat is normally eight Horseshoes in the market, so that's a pretty good prize, all things considered.

Have you started earning the items necessary to complete the Tack Room Collection, or are you still trying to complete the upgrade to your Horse Corral? Let us know in the comments.