FrontierVille Horse Corral Upgrade Goals: Everything you need to know

Horse Corral Goals
The FrontierVille Horse Corral was getting kind of stale, no? You could see it, the horses inside neighing with discontent at their old and busted home. But for no longer, as Zynga is slowly rolling out a new series of Goals set to placate these fickle steeds and upgrade the Horse Corral. When you finish this set of five Goals, you will be able to assign Horses more Skill Points to increase their stats including Speed, Agility, Endurance or Spirit. However, the features for the Horses to make use of these new stats are nowhere to be found, so you should probably wait to assign until we know each stats purpose. With that disclaimer through, let's take a look at what it takes to complete these Goals.

Alright, so we have one more disclaimer: To unlock these Goals, you must be at least Level 22 and already have completed the original Corral. If you haven't, check out this guide and come on back when you're ready. Moving on, here are those five Goals you've been waiting for:

1. Practice Makes Perfect

  • Harvest 20 Crops on Horseback
  • Tend 15 Neighbor Crops on Horseback
  • Feed 30 Animals on Horseback
Horse Corral UpgradeAccording to the wording in this Goal, you can do any of these requirements using any Crop or Animal. So, just plants 20 Clovers for just 200 coins and five minutes of waiting. As for animals, just feed the ones you have and, if you don't own 20, just buy a few more Chickens, which are the cheapest at 75 coins a piece. Since this is very early information, more details on Goal rewards are unavailable at the moment.

2. Gettin' Ready for the Rodeo

  • Level Up any Horse to Level 9
  • Collect 15 Ground Poles
  • Feed 30 Cows

This second Goal gets a bit tougher, but at least it's straightforward. To level your Horse up to Level 9, by just tending to your homestead while on horseback. Your horse will XP right alongside you, so this Goal will take a bit longer than the first. As for the Ground Poles, you'll need to ask your friends through the Goal menu. And feeding 30 Cows is as simple as it gets, though if you don't have that many or close to it, they cost 765 coins in the Market.

3. Burnin' Up the Track

  • Have or craft three Bits
  • Harvest 20 Peppermint
  • Clobber 10 Varmints on Horseback

In order to craft the Bits, you must completely upgrade the Corral, which we'll have a guide on shortly. Next, harvesting 20 Peppermint at once will cost you 4 thousand coins and take just a few hours. To clobber 10 Varmints on Horseback, just clear debris, chop trees and dig up crops like Potatoes while on horseback, and get to clobberin'.

Horse Corral icons
4. Slow and Steady
  • Chop neighbor trees 50 times on Horseback
  • Collect 15 Course Markers
  • Assign 2 Skill Points

Chopping your neighbors' Trees is simple enough, just visit 10 friends and start clicking trees. While you're on that, ask your friends for some Course Markers through the Goal menu. Then, assign two Points to your horse. (Sorry, we guess you can't avoid potentially wasting Skill Points after all.)

5. Spirited Away

  • Have or craft 4 Bridles
  • Harvest 80 Red Roses
  • Assign 2 Skill Points

Crafting the four Bridles will also require the Upgraded Corral. Harvesting 80 Red Roses will cost an insane 32 thousand coins, so let's hope this is a typo. If not, this Goal could take quite a while for relatively new players. Then, use the Upgraded Corral to assign more Skill Points based on unknown benefits. Lovely. Hey, at least you score 1,000 XP, 500 coins and a sweet Palomino Horse for your troubles.

[Source: FrontierVille Info]

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