FarmVille Royal Wedding Tent glitch causing royal pains for farmers


Just once, I was thinking that Zynga might be able to release a feature in FarmVille (the Royal Wedding Party / Wedding Tent) without a horrible issue popping up and ruining the fun. Alas, in this event, that wish was too good to be true, as users are reporting issues with the Wedding Tent that see RSVP'd guests simply disappearing from the tent, removing players' progress at unlocking the event's four prizes.

Quite a few threads have appeared on the official FarmVille forums, full of users that are having the above issue (guests disappearing multiple times, forcing them to start over from scratch), or the inability to send out invites to guests to come to their party altogether. There's also the issue of friends accepting requests but never showing up as a guest in others' parties. Clearly, things are a bit of a mess right now, but as of this writing, the issue hasn't been officially addressed by Zynga, nor is it marked as a known issue. I guess we're all just stuck for a short while, until Zynga can acknowledge and push out a quick fix to get the event back on track. Until then, invite guests if you'd like, but don't say we didn't warn you if they vanish only minutes later.

Are you having difficulties with the Royal Wedding Tent and disappearing guests? Let us know in the comments.