FarmVille Mini Hedges allow for decorating on a smaller scale

If you'd like to create new designs in FarmVille using green hedges (as they'd blend in with the green grass background when looked at from above), but don't always like the large size of the hedges currently available, you'll be happy to know that Zynga has released two new Mini Hedges in the game - one for each of your two farms.

The basic Mini Hedge is available for your Home Farm and it costs 200 coins to place a single Mini Hedge on your land. Meanwhile, the English Countryside has received the Country Mini Hedge, which may look identical, but is actually a bit darker in terms of its shade of green. The Country Mini Hedge also costs 200 coins, so at least they're cheap enough to be used in bulk around your farm.

As of this writing, neither item has an expiration date, so these look like permanent additions to the store. We'll let you know if that changes, but for now, take your time in buying as many or as few of these cute little hedges as you'd like.

Will you decorate your land / create any artwork with these new miniature pieces of greenery? Let us know in the comments.