FarmVille: Midland Hawthorn trees appearing from Mystery Seedlings

Heading into the weekend, we have some pretty exciting news for tree collectors in FarmVille. A new tree is now appearing from Mystery Seedlings, as FVNation has found the Midland Hawthorn trees are now available to grow (or claim from your friends' news feed posts), but are as-of-now still unreleased in the game's store.

We brought you a sneak peek of the Hawthorn trees earlier this week, so we already know what the other tree will be, we just don't know how much the trees will cost once they're released in the store. If recent releases tell us anything, the Midland Hawthorn will likely cost 12 Farm Cash on Sunday evening, so make sure you claim every Mystery Seedling you can before its release to save yourself some Farm Cash, and still have this lovely tree growing on your land.

[Image Credit: FVNation]

Have you received a Midland Hawthorn from a Mystery Seedling, or were you lucky enough to snag a fully grown tree from your news feed? Let us know in the comments.