FarmVille Bug Report: Cornflower Contingency Co-Op not counting for English Countryside quest completion


Before you charge into the Cornflower Contingency Co-Op farming job in FarmVille, that is required to finish during the Village Faire quests in the English Countryside, know that things might not according to plan. A new bug has popped up in the game, spawning a 21-page thread on the official FarmVille forums, as users are completing the difficult, time consuming job, only to have their hard work go to waste as the mission doesn't update / complete as though they have done so.

Fortunately, the mass feedback from farmers has caused Zynga to take action, as they have flagged the thread and have updated the bug as a "known issue." Currently, the situation is just "under investigation," but we're happy to see that Zynga has officially acknowledged the problem either way, as it means a fix is surely coming sooner rather than later. Until then, however, you might hold off on spending any Farm Cash or using saved Instant Grows to finish this mission sooner, as there's no guarantee that your progress will actually count. We'll make sure to update you when Zynga changes this issue from "Under Investigation" to "Fixed" as soon as we know more.

Did you try and complete the Cornflower Contingency Co-Op job only to have your progress lost? Let us know in the comments.