Controversy Ignites Over Firefighter Posing Topless (Video)

Posing Topless Philadelphia fire officials are inflamed over a firefighter who posed topless for a charity calendar. A reassignment has been instigated and an investigation for protocol violation is underway because the firefighter was photographed "showing nipples."

"We get letters from children. They look up to us," Fire Commissioner Lloyd Ayers told The Philadelphia Daily News. "We cannot allow them to be showing nipples in photographs of Philadelphia firefighters." He told the local CBS News affiliate, "We don't do beefcake. We don't sell sex. We sell safety."

Jack Slivinski, 31, has been removed from his position with Philadelphia's Elite Engine 1 unit, has reportedly been detailed to another unit, and has stopped receiving overtime after photos were released of him posing, naked from the waist up, in front of Philadelphia's Logan Circle Fountain.

Slivinski didn't realize he would so literally lose his shirt for trying to help a good cause. The proceeds from photographer Katherine Kostreva's charity calendar were intended to be used to benefit the widows of Philadelphia firefighters.

Union rep Bill Gault, president of Fire Fighters Local 22, says the disciplinary actions are "foolish," and thinks Slivinski should be reinstated to his former post. The union is suggesting the commissioner give Slivinski a letter of reprimand and allow him to return to his former post.

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