Celebrities Offer College Scholarships to Talented, Star-Struck Teens

David Letterman offers college scholarships
David Letterman offers college scholarships

Is your child like my 13-year-old daughter who's dying to star on the Disney Channel? Or perhaps you've got a son or daughter who swears up and down he's the next Jay-Z or she's the next Beyonce-in-the making?

He or she may have some true talent and probably thinks that winding up in Hollywood or on Broadway is a foregone conclusion. You, on the other hand, may just want your child to keep hitting the books and be able to go to college without taking out a ton of student loans.

Fortunately, your dreams of making sure your child gets an affordable higher education don't have to clash with your son or daughter's aspirations to become rich and famous.

In fact, the two goals could compliment one another thanks to a number of celebrities -- alive and dead -- who have funded college scholarships to talented students determined to make themselves a household name.

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