Cafe World 2nd Deep Fryer Goals: Everything you need to know

If you're like many Cafe World players, you might be dissatisfied with the amount of food (or lack thereof) you can cook in your lone Deep Fryer in a day. With missions coming out all of the time that require you to deep fry Ice Cream or any number of other unhealthy goodies, it's only fair that we should be given double the workspace to finish those goals twice as fast. Zynga has agreed, as they have released the ability to have a second Decafe wep Fryer in your cafe via the "2nd Deep Fryer" goals.

You won't just be handed a second Deep Fryer from Amelia - you'll first have to prove that you can "Fry Hard" by completing a five part goal series, that is entirely separate from the lengthy Fry Hard missions released earlier this year. For the first of these five new quests, you'll need to put your original Deep Fryer to good use.

Cook 1 Deep Fried Turkey
Ask for 4 Bottles of Vegetable Oil
Spice 4 Neighbors' Stoves

As usual, the bottles of Vegetable Oil are earned through individual requests sent to your neighbors. While you're waiting for them to arrive, you can cook the Deep Fried Turkey, which takes eight hours to cook, should you not use any spices to help it along.