Cafe World 2nd Deep Fryer Goals: Everything you need to know

If you're like many Cafe World players, you might be dissatisfied with the amount of food (or lack thereof) you can cook in your lone Deep Fryer in a day. With missions coming out all of the time that require you to deep fry Ice Cream or any number of other unhealthy goodies, it's only fair that we should be given double the workspace to finish those goals twice as fast. Zynga has agreed, as they have released the ability to have a second Decafe wep Fryer in your cafe via the "2nd Deep Fryer" goals.

You won't just be handed a second Deep Fryer from Amelia - you'll first have to prove that you can "Fry Hard" by completing a five part goal series, that is entirely separate from the lengthy Fry Hard missions released earlier this year. For the first of these five new quests, you'll need to put your original Deep Fryer to good use.

Cook 1 Deep Fried Turkey
Ask for 4 Bottles of Vegetable Oil
Spice 4 Neighbors' Stoves

As usual, the bottles of Vegetable Oil are earned through individual requests sent to your neighbors. While you're waiting for them to arrive, you can cook the Deep Fried Turkey, which takes eight hours to cook, should you not use any spices to help it along.
For Part II of V, you'll need to serve even more food, but none of it has to do with the Deep Fryer itself.

Serve 5 Chips and Guacamole
Serve 5 Triple Berry Cheesecake
Ask for 8 Oil Strainers

Chips and Guacamole takes only three minutes to prepare and serve, while Triple Berry Cheesecake takes a full twelve hours to prepare. As for the Oil Strainers, remember, they are earned through simply asking friends to send them to you.

Part III of V gets back to the deep fried tasks, by having you cook more Deep Fried Turkeys, along with collecting more items.

Ask for 6 Fryer Aprons
Ask for 8 Spider Strainers
Cook 2 Deep Fried Turkeys

Again, Deep Fried Turkeys take a full eight hours to prepare. Too bad you can't have access to the second deep fryer already, huh? You could cook both at once, saving yourself tons of time and/or a few spices. Fear not, though, as this mission is the one that unlocks the second Deep Fryer Slot for you in your cafe, so you're getting closer to that magical moment that ends your suffering!

Although you may think you're finished, you're actually not, as there are two more goals to complete, which require you to actually construct your second Deep Fryer.

Place your 2nd Deep Fryer
Cook 2 Funnel Cakes
Ask for 8 Pan Burners

Funnel Cakes take five minutes to cook, so they can be finished quickly. The actual construction of your second Deep Fryer won't be required for this goal, but you will (of course) need to complete the item's construction if you actually want to use it. The 2nd Deep Fryer requires 32 ingredients - Eight each of Large Vats, Metal Skewers, Oil Canisters, and Propane Tanks.

Finally, Part V of V asks you to have completed the 2nd Deep Fryer's construction, and then put both of your Deep Fryers to work cooking some yummy fried goodies.

Complete building your 2nd Deep Fryer
Serve 4 Deep Fried Turkeys
Serve 4 Funnel Cakes

These tasks are fairly self-explanatory. At least with the addition of a second slot for fried cooking, you'll be able to finish these tasks twice as fast as you would have otherwise, which is definitely a good thing. Now if we can only get a second slot in the Pizza Oven, that would be ok too.

What do you think of the 2nd Deep Fryer Goals in Cafe World? Would you have preferred your second Deep Fryer to come from a straight purchase, or do you like having to complete goals to unlock it? Let us know in the comments.
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