Zynga survey teases FrontierVille Bank, robbers and ... a stock market?

FrontierVille Bank Robber
FrontierVille Bank Robber

Yet another one of Zynga's infamous surveys has been released on the FrontierVille fan page, asking players what they would like to see in a Bank feature. Of course, this means that the team is working on a brand new building in FrontierVille that may or may not be released. As we've seen with surveys like the recent Mafia Wars 2 questionnaire, these proclaimed features could be in extremely early development.

However, the questions that Zynga asks in the survey are most important. Apparently, the company is ready to get as deep with this feature as you want it to be. In a series of eight questions, the company considers loans, interest rates, bank robberies (pictured right), foreign currency exchanges and even a FrontierVille stock market. Depending on how overwhelming player responses are one way or the other, the FrontierVille Bank could easily be the deepest, most robust feature to ever launch in the game. If you're interested in making that happen, participate in the survey right here.

Are you excited to see that FrontierVille might be getting a Bank? How deep would you want this feature to go once released? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.

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