There's a Job Finding Tool in Your Purse or Pocket

job search If you're not using your smart phone as a job search tool, you could be missing out. The number of people using mobile apps and the like to find jobs jumped 20 percent according to a recent survey. If you don't have a smart phone, this might be a good time to bite the bullet and get one -- a lot of the expenses are tax deductible if you use your phone to find a job.

If you're deciding which device might be best, know that 79.7 percent of your fellow job seekers used an Android device to find jobs, this is up from 21.2 percent, for the same period last year. The iPhone fell from dominating last year's first quarter numbers at 62.1 percent, down to 12.3 percent in Q1 2011. BlackBerry came in just under 0.5 percent for all job seekers.

Many job search services, like LinkUp, which conducted the survey, offer apps that allow you to search and alert you when suitable jobs come up, no matter where you are, at any time of the day or night. They're becoming more and more popular, with LinkUp reporting that mobile traffic jumped to 20.8 percent of overall first quarter traffic, up from 1.1 percent the same period a year ago.

Washington, D.C. led all regions with the largest percentage of mobile traffic on LinkUp, with 56 percent of all job seekers coming from a mobile device. Next came Illinois (31.7 percent), Georgia (31.3 percent), Mississippi (30.8 percent) and Texas (28.4 percent). The states that showed the lowest percentage of mobile visitors were Nebraska, Arkansas, Iowa and the Dakotas.

Topping the list of cities was Chicago, sending 6.5 percent of overall mobile job seeker traffic, followed by New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Minneapolis. These 5 cities sent nearly 25 percent of all mobile traffic to the search engine.

"Direct mobile traffic was our fastest growing segment throughout the first quarter of 2011," commented Toby Dayton, LinkUp's President and CEO. "With devices like the iPad and other tablets increasing in popularity, we anticipate job hunting to continue its fast-paced migration towards mobile."

Now there's a thought -- you might even want to consider using part of your severance to purchase an iPad or other tablet device to help you in your job search, if you can swing it. That too would be tax deductible, and can keep you on the cutting edge.

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