Susie Castillo's TSA Rant: 'I Didn't Want To Be Radiated On'

Susie Castillo, ex-MTV VJ and former Miss USA 2003, was traveling back to Los Angeles from Rio de Janiero via the Dallas-Forth Worth airport when she was "molested" by a TSA agent after opting out of a full-body scan.

Castillo explains to her viewers on her self-filmed video shot at the airport that she intentionally opted to stand in the line that avoided the full-body scanners because she--no joke--"didn't want to be radiated on" even more than she is normally.

After she was told by a TSA agent that if she opted out of a scan then she would have to submit to a full-body patdown, she was "violated" as a female TSA agent touched her vagina four times.

In the video, Castillo says, "I'm crying because I'm really upset that as an American, I have to go through this. I do feel violated ... I completely feel violated." Castillo took her blog to discuss the incident because, in the words of Gandhi (yup), she's hoping to "be the change [she] hopes to see in the world."

The former beauty queen writes: "What bothered me most was when she ran the back of her hands down my behind, felt around my breasts, and even came in contact with my vagina! Honestly, I was in shock, especially since the woman at LAX never actually touched me there. The TSA employee at DFW touched private area 4 times, going up both legs from behind and from the front, each time touching me there. Was I at my gynecologist's office? No! This was crazy!"

Castillo talked to a TSA agent to complain and she writes that she told the agent "the fact is, if someone wanted to harm us, they simply would." Castillo claims the TSA agent agreed and told her: "We're not allowed to touch children like we do adults. If someone really wanted to hide something, they could use a child. I know. [There are] definitely loop holes with this."

Castillo filled out a TSA complaint card (you can do so in person, over the phone or online). Check out her complaint here.

This isn't the first time a celebrity has complained about the TSA: Khloe Kardashian famously likened a patdown to rape, while Whoopi Goldberg sided with the TSA in November calling patdowns "necessary."

Watch Castillo's rant below:

Susie's Experience with the TSA Pat Down from on Vimeo.

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