Perfect World Entertainment's first Facebook game finds a Perfect Getaway

Perfect Getaway
You probably would have never imagined that the perfect getaway would be right inside your browser. But here it is ... literally. Foster City, Calif.-based Perfect World Entertainment (PWE) has released its first ever Facebook game, Perfect Getaway, Social Times reports. Known for publishing massively multiplayer games (MMOs) like Perfect World International and roleplaying games like Torchlight, PWE is treading deep, uncharted waters with Perfect Getaway. In the game, players take control of a major cruise ship, customizing it and their staff while taking patrons on relaxing cruises. As the head of your own cruise ship, you'll visit exotic, tropical locations such as the Caribbean, Cuba and Jamaica while collecting souvenirs and other sea-bound activities.

"We're excited to get into Facebook games and we feel that the market is still growing and we feel like we want to hit the mainstream Facebook gaming market with high quality products," Jason Park, GM of Perfect World, told Social Times. PWE also hinted that, since PWE is traditionally a hardcore MMO developer, that more hardcore features are going to find their way into Perfect Getaway. According to Social Times, there a bunch more features to look forward to in Perfect Getaway:
In summary Perfect Getaway includes:
  • Personalize your Captain! - Become the Captain of your very own cruise ship. Choose from a wide variety of outfits and hairstyles to make your Captain truly yours.
  • Hire your Friends to be part of your Crew - Invite your friends to join and work on your cruise ship! Earn money by managing your service stations.
  • Keep your Passengers Happy to Succeed - New passengers will board your cruise ship at every port. Keep them happy to get a perfect cruise rating.
  • Decorate your Cruise Ship - Customize your cruise ship by changing hull styles and adding decorations to your boat.
  • Set Sail to Real Landmarks and Destinations - Travel to real locations to collect special souvenirs at each dock. Collect all of the souvenirs to unlock a special item.
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