NYC's Smallest Apartment Just Got Smaller

smallest apartment
smallest apartment

Until now, the smallest apartment we were aware of was Felice Cohen's New York City pad, as AOL Real Estate documented in "Woman Lives in 90-Square-Foot New York Apartment." Well, real estate observers, let's get even smaller.

(See photos and video below.)

A fellow named Luke posted photos of his 78-square-foot New York City abode on, as part of the site's annual Smallest Coolest Home Contest. Luke writes on the site that his apartment is "simple, efficient, convertible, and zen enough to be comfortably habitable." The custom built sofa converts into a bed, and all of the furnishings were designed by the resident. In the gallery below, note the small refrigerator integrated underneath the desk space.

No word on the rent (Cohen pays $700 for her 90 square feet) or whether the apartment includes a bathroom.