FarmVille Sneak Peek: English Countryside Pig Pen, Knight Shop, Lion Statue and much more

With this latest set of unreleased item images from FarmVille, we have come across something that will likely excite the farmers that may be waiting to add all of the available animal buildings to their second farms in the English Countryside because they aren't in the dark brown and grey theme. This will all change for one animal in the near future, as we've found the makings of the English Countryside Pig Pen, which will be built in three stages, likely with Bricks, Wooden Boards, and Nails.

There are other new buildings coming to the game, like the Spring Watermill, Castle Tower, and Knight Shop seen above, but these items are just decorations, rather than anything functional. These too (well, most of these items) will likely be coming to the game's English Countryside, which will be the first set of true decorative items we've seen released in the theme since the Royal Wedding fever took over last week.

But that's not all! There's a whole set of regular decorations that will be released as well! Meet us behind the break to see what they are.

As promised, there are a whopping nine other items to take a look at here, with these items looking to be a part of quite a few themes. There are some English Countryside items, along with some items that may be released in a general "Spring" theme. From left to right in the image below, the items are: White Cherry Blossom Tree (decoration only), Citrus Archway, Flowery Cow Topiary, Crate of Berries, Wheat Scarecrow, Lion Statue, Castle Wall, Black Knight Gnome, and Gourd Gnome.

Personally, the Gourd Gnome may be one of the cutest things I've ever seen. It's just a shame that it will likely be released for 15 Farm Cash or more when it launches. As for the other items, I'd make a wager that the Black Knight Gnome and Wheat Scarecrow will also be Farm Cash items, while those like the Crate of Berries will likely cost a few thousand coins each.

Either way, we'll make sure to bring you the final prices and details about all of these items as soon as they launch in the game, which might be as early as this weekend. Keep checking back for more, and for now - Happy Farming!

Do you like the Spring-themed items of this update more than the English Countryside ones? Let us know in the comments.
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