FarmVille: Sheep Breeding changes again with official release of two new patterns

Well, that didn't take long. Just a day after putting their foot down about illegal sheep and pig breeding in FarmVille, Zynga has backed off a bit with an official announcement on the FarmVille forums, that details the release of two new official patterns to the game, allowing you to get back to breeding some of those colorful (and neatly patterned) Lambs.

The two new patterns are camouflage and stars, and they come by way of the Purple Camo Ram and the Purple Stars Ram, both available to purchase in the store for 30 Farm Cash each. A high price, yes, but one that's totally avoidable if you already have sheep on your land with those patterns intact, as they are now able to be bred as normal. As for other patterns, like the "eye-patch" pattern, Zynga says that they're not sure if that pattern will ever be made officially available, as it's "a bit messed up." However, new colors and patterns will be coming to the game soon, including the "flasher" color that we'll see "soonish." We'll even see a bit of a redesign of the current breeding system, but that's not to be released quite so soon.

For the complete (lengthy) new clarification on Sheep Breeding, meet us behind the break.