FarmVille English Countryside Village Faire Goals: Everything you need to know

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The last set of goals released in the English Countryside in FarmVille came at the beginning of April, so it's only fitting that new goals are released at the end of the month as well. Tonight's FarmVille update brought with it "Chapter 6" of the English Countryside goal series, this set dealing with the Village Faire. Your first goal is called A Delightful Bouquet, and you're introduced to the quest by Agatha, who wants you to complete three tasks dealing with flowers.

Complete the Cornflower Contingency Job
Harvest 100 English Roses
Harvest 100 Foxglove

English Roses cost 125 coins per square and are grown in six hours, while Fox Glove is planted for 101 coins per square and takes 12 hours to grow. The kicker of this mission is the Cornflower Contingency job, as this is a full-on (read: difficult) co-op farming job that you'll need to recruit a heck of a lot of friends to finish (or simply pay Farm Cash to skip).

Meet us behind the break for details on this co-op farming job, along with the quests that come after.

The Cornflower Contingency co-op job requires you to plant and harvest Cornflower 1200 times. This wouldn't be a huge problem if Cornflower grew quickly, but at 16 hours, you'll need to have a lot of help from friends (or, again, deep pockets) in order to finish this one within the two days that you have to earn the Bronze Medal. The Gold Medal is earned by completing the job in less than 19 hours, if you're feeling up to it.

Either way, finishing this mission earns you 100 XP, 4 Country Hedges, and 2,500 coins.

After that difficult quest, the next isn't as hard, as you move onto a Lamb-themed quest called Let Us Entertain Ewe. This quest has one requirement:

Place 3 Lambs on your farm

Simple enough - simply breed or adopt three Lambs and then place them from your Gift Box onto you farm to finish the quest. Doing so will reward you with 100 XP, 1 Town Fountain and 2,500 coins.

Quest three is called On the House, and it brings the Pub into the mix.

Make the Barley Crumpets recipe 3 Times
Make the Lionhead Ale recipe 3 Times
Get 6 Lemons

The Lemons are earned through a general news feed post asking for help. The Barley Crumpets are made using three English Roses bushels, two English Peas bushels and two Barley bushels. The Lionhead Ale recipe takes three Royal Hops bushels, two Barley bushels and two English Roses bushels. Finishing this quest might take you a few days, but doing so will net you the Lemonade Stand decoration, along with 2,500 coins and 100 XP.

Quest four is called A Faire to Remember, and it concludes Chapter 6 with the actual arrival of the Village Faire. You'll need to complete two rather simple (if a bit time-consuming) tasks to finish this one off:

Harvest 200 Cara Potatoes
Fertilize plots' on neighbor' farms 25 Times

Cara Potatoes are the English Countryside's longest growing crop, taking two full days to be ready to harvest. In that time, you should have no problem visiting at least five friends' farms and fertilizing five plots of land each, and once you do so, you'll have finished the faire! Your rewards are a Riding Outfit for your avatar, along with the expected 2,500 coins and 100 XP.

Once you have finished Chapter 6, the fun in the English Countryside isn't over, as Chapter 7 has been released as well. Want to see what those goals entail? Meet us back here soon, as we'll bring you a complete guide to finishing those goals as well!Check out our full guide to completing Chapter 7, where you'll meet Henry and teach him the basics of being a true farmer!

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Have you started completing the Village Faire goals in FarmVille? What do you think of the requirement to finish a co-op job in one of the goals? Let us know in the comments.
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