FarmVille English Countryside Village Faire Goals: Everything you need to know

farmvile village faire
farmvile village faire

The last set of goals released in the English Countryside in FarmVille came at the beginning of April, so it's only fitting that new goals are released at the end of the month as well. Tonight's FarmVille update brought with it "Chapter 6" of the English Countryside goal series, this set dealing with the Village Faire. Your first goal is called A Delightful Bouquet, and you're introduced to the quest by Agatha, who wants you to complete three tasks dealing with flowers.

Complete the Cornflower Contingency Job
Harvest 100 English Roses
Harvest 100 Foxglove

English Roses cost 125 coins per square and are grown in six hours, while Fox Glove is planted for 101 coins per square and takes 12 hours to grow. The kicker of this mission is the Cornflower Contingency job, as this is a full-on (read: difficult) co-op farming job that you'll need to recruit a heck of a lot of friends to finish (or simply pay Farm Cash to skip).

Meet us behind the break for details on this co-op farming job, along with the quests that come after.