FarmVille Enchanted Love Avatar Items: Wedding Dress now available, Tux already in market


With tonight's update, we see the release of the piece de resistance of FarmVille's Enchanted Love / Royal Wedding limited edition item theme - the Wedding Dress avatar item. What (traditional) wedding is complete without a flowing white gown being worn by the bride? If you agree, you can now purchase one for your in-game avatar, complete with a veil and tiara, for 10 Farm Cash. To be clear, that's 10 Farm Cash for the entire outfit - you won't have to purchase the veil separately.

"But where's the groom's tux?" I hear you asking / sense you thinking. The answer to that is simple - the Black Tuxedo item is already in the game, as a permanent clothing item available to purchase. The price? 30 Farm Cash. Yeah, that's a bit steep, but if you're a male player that wants to dress up in celebration of the Royal Wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton, that's a price you'll unfortunately need to accept.

Unfortunately, where you can wait forever to purchase the Black Tuxedo, you don't have the luxury of doing the same with the Wedding Dress, as all purchases must be made within the next two weeks.

Tell us what you think. Is the Black Tuxedo overpriced compared to the Wedding Dress, or do you think it's a fair price considering that more individual Wedding Dresses will be purchased in the game than Tuxes? Let us know in the comments.