FarmVille Enchanted Love Animals: Welsh Corgi, Knight Steed re-release


While we've been looking forward to the release of the Corgi in FarmVille for a few days now, with tonight's FarmVille update, the waiting game has stopped. Unfortunately, so has my excitement. The Welsh Corgi isn't actually a "puppy," able to be fed and grown into an adult. It's a full-grown animal just like a cow or sheep you may purchase from the store, with this one costing 18 Farm Cash.

You'll know that you're not getting an actual dog when the "Buy" button simply takes you to your farm where you can place the Corgi on your land. If it were a functional dog in the game, remember that you'd be asked to choose its color and its name before purchasing it. Either way, the Corgi can be "harvested" every two days, and you'll receive 90 coins when you do so.