FarmVille Animal Sneak Peek: Rainbow Cow, Flowery Cow, Zesty Pony and much more

I hope you're in the mood for some new Cows and Horses to launch in FarmVille, as we've come across a slew of unreleased images of five different animal pairs - three Cow and two Horses, each with a matching Calf or Foal - along with a new Pig that we believe will begin launching in the game as early as this weekend.

The Cows are mostly colorful options, like the Rainbow Cow and Flowery Cow (just look at the flower ring around its head - adorable!). The other Cow is the Hereford Cow, which is a brown and tan variety for those that like more realistic options when it comes to your animals. As for the Horses, you'll soon be able to pick up either he Zesty Pony (which is orange and off-white, but not to be confused with the Candy Corn Pony that launched last Halloween), and an Exmoor Pony, in a much more calm pair of brown shades.

The final animal is the Pumpkin Pig. Again, this little piggie screams of Halloween, so who knows? Perhaps this is a very, very early unreleased item for this year's celebration. We personally doubt that, as it's more likely that we'll see this little guy released sooner, rather than later (a new Co-Op Job reward, perhaps?). We'll make sure to let you know when any of these animals start launching, so keep checking back.

Which of these animals are you most excited about adding to your farm? Do you love the striped Rainbow Cow, or are you more of a fan of the Zesty orange Pony? Let us know in the comments.