CityVille City Hall Upgrades: Everything you need to know

CityVille City Hall
It's time to transform your dinky City Hall into an icon for all your Neighbors to marvel at. Alright, so maybe they're all doing the same thing, but it's still pretty cool. Zynga released two new upgrades for the CityVille City Hall, but you'll need the help of your friends. Frankly, the whole upgrade process works a lot like the upgrades to the Police Station did sans the Donuts. If you've already upgraded that community building, you'll feel right at home with this update. Regardless, check behind the break to find out what needs to be done to complete these upgrades and what they mean for you.

City Upgrade 1
Each City Hall upgrade requires that you add a certain amount of friends as staff for the building. Once you successfully upgrade your City Hall, your chances of finding more Energy and Zoning Permits when collecting from it will increase. Here's what you need for each level and how each level will improve your chances at more resources:

City Hall Level 2 (requires three friends on staff)

  • 30% chance to drop 1 Energy
  • 10% chance to drop 2 Energy
  • 2% chance to drop 4 Energy
  • 10% chance to drop 1 Zoning Permit
City Hall Upgrade 3
City Hall Level 3 (requires four friends on staff, )

  • 30% chance to drop 1 Energy
  • 15% chance to drop 2 Energy
  • 5% chance to drop 4 Energy
  • 20% chance to drop 1 Zoning Permit
  • 10% chance to drop 2 Zoning Permit

Adding friends to you staff is simple. Just click on your Level 1 City Hall to open an upgrade window. You'll notice that Samantha has already filled up half of your staff for the building (this is the case for both levels). So, all you need to do in fill in the empty spots with your friends by clicking "Hire Friends." Once your friends accept the invitation, you will have to refresh your game to see the results. However, you will have to wait five days, or collect from the building five times, before you can upgrade to Level 3.

As a side note: Upgrading City Hall also increases your population cap. City Hall Level 2 ups the building's population by 100 to 150, while City Hall Level 3 boosts that number to 500. That makes for a 500 total population increase! You'll also notice that your City Hall's appearance will change and look much more regal as you upgrade it. Not too shabby for a few simple friend requests.

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