Building and expanding your Zoo in CityVille: Everything you need to know


While we already brought you a complete guide to the new Zoo Goals in CityVille, the building itself has been released officially in the game this week, and we've got all of the info you need to bring in the tourists with your habitats full of wild creatures! The Zoo is acquired at level 17 or higher, and you'll start with just a basic Habitat, being given to you Karen, a new character (and animal lover) in the game.

The Habitat is a square item, requiring six energy to build. Building it will complete one part of the first Zoo Goal, which should be noted only has two of the three tasks required that we initially believed. You'll only need to build the Jungle Habitat and then Place a Jungle Animal to finish the goal. To "place" the Jungle Animal, you'll need to click on your Zoo to be taken to the building's interior, as seen at the top of this post. You'll be given an animal for free (it can be random), and can place the animal into your Zoo by simply clicking on the "Place" button underneath it.