Zynga thwarts illegal Sheep and Pig Breeding once and for all

Illegal Sheep Breeding
If you have one of those neon Sheep, you're one of the lucky ones. As of today, FarmVille players can no longer breed Sheep or Pigs using unreleased colors and patterns. Zynga posted the news on the FarmVille Blog, which states, "Certain types of sheep and pig colors/patterns not yet released have been improperly distributed in FarmVille; we are currently going through the process of making sure this practice stops." While players who received the illegitimate Sheep and Pigs through legitimate means--like the News Feed--will still be able to keep their flashy livestock, breeding them is no longer an option.

Confused about exactly how Zynga is handling the situation? Check out the full statement below:
The steps that we have taken are:
* The methods by which players were able to breed unreleased sheep and pig colors and patterns have been closed.
* Players who bred sheep and pigs using illicit methods have had their animals revert to their original base colors and no patterns.
* Pigs and sheep acquired from feed posts (but at some point were generated using illicit methods) will get to retain their unusual colors and patterns. However, attempts to breed with these pigs or sheep will result in default colors and no additional pattern inheritance.

Should we release these additional colors or patterns legitimately then players will be able to breed that animal in the appropriate, correct manner. This is not an implication that you or your neighbors have done something wrong. This is a breeding restriction of colors and patterns that as of yet have not intended to be released.

So what's currently allowed to breed and what's not?
* Most current colors are allowed but the "flashing" colors are definitely not.
* Currently Allowed Sheep Patterns: Plain, Spotted, Striped
* Currently Allowed Pig Patterns: Plain, Spotted
The Zynga team went on to remind players that this move isn't to punish those who received the illegally-bred Sheep and Pigs legitimately. All the developer wants to do is stop the spread of these unreleased colors and patterns, and if these varieties are officially released, then everyone will be able to access them freely. So, don't worry about losing your strobe light Sheep anytime soon, just don't expect to make neon babies for a while.

[Image Credit: FarmVille Sheep Breeding]

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