Singin' the Blues: Home Prices Set to Music

case shiller
case shiller

The latest Case Shiller Home Price Index may not be music to your ears, but it still sounds pretty good -- that is, when sung as music by a classically trained baritone. In the spirit of radio -- which, of course, can't show you the results in a graph -- the Planet Money team at National Public Radio had the February Case Shiller data translated into musical notes. Then they asked Timothy McDevitt, a young opera singer studying at New York City's Julliard School, to, um, sing it. Even better, they played the results for Robert Shiller and Karl Case, the index's founders. They also broke the index down into separate markets, such as Miami and Dallas, and added lyrics. What do the results sound like? Let's just say they have their ups and downs....

Listen to your housing market here.

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