Police Sergeant Fired for Not Zipping It

job interview Oh sure -- he claimed he was running around with his fly open in an effort to see who would tell him to zip up his pants, but the Ohio police sergeant who approached Sears employees with the proverbial barn door open, has been fired following a conviction of indecent exposure.

It took the Cincinnati Police Department almost a year to do it, but finally, on April 19, 39-year-old Robert McDonough III, was fired for escapades committed in May 2010. He was reassigned to desk duty last June, and found guilty and convicted in February 2011.

McDonough defended his actions claiming they were "an attempt to determine who would advise him that his zipper was down" according to UPI. But the court didn't buy it. He was sentenced to eight days of community service, two years of probation and a $250 fine. Then he was fired.

In addition, McDonough has been prohibited from shopping at Sears -- all locations -- ever again!

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