Missouri Woman Says 'Cheerio' to Job to Attend Royal Wedding

Royal Wedding It's not everyone who will quit a job to attend a royal wedding, but that's exactly what a Missouri woman did when she was given the choice between seeing Prince William and Kate Middleton marry or avoiding the unemployment lines by staying on the job.

Teresa Cunningham, an avid collector of British royal memorabilia, learned of the royal couple's pending nuptials and decided she needed to be in London for the wedding, local ABC affiliate KMBC in Kansas City reported.

So she scheduled time off from work and bought tickets for her trip to London.

But not so fast, her employer said. "Next thing you know, they're telling me I can't go," Cunningham told the TV station, noting that her employer said they weren't able to find someone to fill in for her while she was away.

"If you go, you're fired," was the ultimatum she was given, Cunningham says. So she quit.

"Yeah, I turned in my resignation," she says, adding that she's off to experience the modern version of a fairy tale.

Cunningham plans to stay at a hotel close to Westminster Abbey, the elaborate church where William and Kate will wed. Still, she plans to camp outside Thursday -- the night before Friday's nuptials -- in the hope of getting a glimpse of the royal family.

"Everybody wants to be a princess," she says.

But her travels won't be as romantic as they might otherwise be, London's Daily Mail reports. Cunningham, who is married, is leaving her husband behind.

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